The Watch

The Watch

TThe Watchhe Watch Trailer 2 (2012). Suburban dads who form a neighborhood watch group find themselves defending the Earth from an alien invasion !

Aliens are coming.. to a mid town in the USA…

This is a conventional premise but the Ben Stiller crew have taken it … well to a whole different level.

I don’t know who / how the script was constructed, but it resembles the child like narratives of Wayne’s World.

A fascination with jokes about … male reproductive organs, etc.. leave little room to guess at the main audience target.

Strangely coupled with a sub plot about revealing the truth of a low sperm count by the main hero.

Oh, and the story of a father dealing with a young girl going out for the first time..

This movie will make you laugh in places.

It will make you groan in others.

Was it fun.. well kind of, and this morning it has left more memories than we expected.

Was it the best movie ever … no.

Was there clear product placement.. Costco, Trojan, and others.. yes..

Does that matter.. not really.

For all about the most forward thinking of relationships this is not a date movie in our view.

All in all.. this one is to be seen where it will go.

I can imagine it was “fun” to film.. but not what you’d expect from this calibre of actors and production.

Maybe we were in the wrong mood or the right mood.

Maybe just we’re used to more here in Blighty, and this felt like a half attempt at going off piste..

So.. from the team at Film Blast.. our fingers are in the orb… and we’re powering up.

Not sure if we’re going to blast or not.. yet…

Classic lines..

“Is it true that your father ripped the XX*A of your last boyfriend? I’ll get your daughter home by 10:30pm sir… ”


if you like the IT Crowd.. Richard Ayoade our star is there.. but not in Kansas anymore..

Visual: 8/10
Script: 6/10
Overall: 6/10


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